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Community Events

Monthly community events for teens and adults to have fun, relax and hang out . An opportunity  to make friendships and participate in a variety the community events.

Consisting of two groups Unwind  ages 16 and up and Unwind jr. ages 12-16.

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Ages 16 and up. All abilities welcome.

Pick one two or as many events you will like to participate. We meet 2-4 times a month to participate in a variety of community events to give opportunity and explore different activities such as sports, dinners, games, movies, festivals. come hang up with us in a place were everybody belongs, where everyone is looking to create meaningful and lasting friendships.

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New to unwind, Unwind Junior was created to give teens 12-16 a safe enviroment to practice socail skills, be part an essential part of a group, Unwind junior gives teens a space to belong.

All  while participating in a variety of community activities that where they can create lasting friendships and share meaningful experiences

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