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"A place where everybody belongs"

UnWind is the right place to be for social and vocational opportunities.


A place to share experiences, connect with others, have fun, and spend time making memorable experiences.

About UnWind

UnWind helps create and support communities for individuals with disabilities. Create social and vocational opportunities for older teens and adults with disabilities.. Creating a space where they can be themself and have a sense of belonging. We understand how helpful it is for people with disabilities to find a space where they can build connections with others who understand what they’re experiencing.  

Feel free to reach out for additional information. 

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Our Services

Connect. Share. Learn. Grow.

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Community Social Events
For teens and adults.

Monthly community events for teens and adults to have fun, relax and hang out . An opportunity  to make friendships and participate in the community

Unwind 16 and up

Unwind junior ages 12-16

A Popular Option

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Vocational Sessions

Pick What’s Right for You

Parent and Sibling support

coming soon


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coming soon


A Great Option

Opportunity to participate in vocational type of activities, acquiring functional vocational and workshop

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Connect. Share. Learn. Grow.

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PO BOX 175 Mauldin SC 29662


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